Lyrics to Never
Never Video:
From the darkest corners of my heart, I hope to God you shine a light
To brighten up all of this gloominess inside
I feel more hapless than hopeless, the only thing I'll mope is that
I will never be with the most perfect being.

In the game of love, I'm always on the sidelines
Warming the bench for some friend to swoop in for the win
In the game of lust, I'm always second-to-none
But it seems that the fears in me are what keep me tame.

Don't feel happy, don't feel sad
I will always feel that you're the best that I will never have.

As the stars fall from the big black sky, I wonder why
It's all the ones I've always wished upon
As I think of all the things I'd say if you so much as looked my way
I could never say what I couldn't put in a song, so I dedicate this to you.
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