Lyrics to Never
Never Video:
In this life nothing is certain
Just waiting for the curtain to fall
But if you live like there's no tomorrow
Will there be a tomorrow at all

Don't act like yesterday matters
Don't wanna dwell upon the past
Somewhere out there is your moment
Gotta make this moment last

Now I won't be what you want me to be
Cus I'm not quite sure that you see
I only want to be myself
But if you wanna change the world you're gunna need a little help

So you be yourself and I'll be me
Trap the evil and let the love run free
There is something I want you to know
I am never gunna let you go

Oh, never...

If you turn around tomorrow
Tell me that you're going away
?? break my sorrow
Leaving me with just cloudy days

Now I'll be thinking, what have I done
To make her pack her backs and run
Away from me, oh couldn't you see
I love you more than just a memory

Oh, never...
[First Three Verses]

Oh, never...
Oh, never...
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