Lyrics to Never Fall
Never Fall Video:
I think i'm walking but i'm sinking. every move i make is so wrong. your helps not working, in fact it's worthless. what's taking me so long to lave everything behind me and choose my own path. our yesterdays were better but i can't look to the past. i know i have so far to go. i'm looking for answers that i'll never know. there's no way that i can ever stop. the ones who settle are the ones you've lost. you gave me the options. you gave me the tools, but you're walking blind in line amongst this world of fools. i have stumbled in trying times. i found a compass in the dirt and i left it behind. my only map went up in flames because your dead end life was the direction it gave. i'm not ashamed of the path i've taken. if you think i'm lost you must be mistaken. stumble but i never fall. some say courage you say gall. some things were just not built to fall. my backs against the wall

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