Lyrics to Never Fail
Never Fail Video:
For my people all on them hundred blocks
For all the brothers that trying, ducking a hundred shots
Tryna stack hundreds, we cometh, 9th said to lead the squad
Blacked out and the army back me with Molotov
Burn molly, I'm in Raleigh, finger to all the laws
We don't follow rules, they ain't meant to protect none of y'all
Camisole, they want us to feel underneath
Young dreamers, they kill our vibe but I won't bereave
I'd rather sweat one than cry a beach
Work harder till we all Carter and Patrick D's
Work harder till we at Harvard, the black elite
New rules, new school, our generation deep
Our gene erasing if we ain't taking the time to lead
Death to YOLO, I live solo without the seed
Control system it ain't controlling we, high power, Most Dope, culture over everything

From Anglo-Saxons to niggas stacking
We bragging
We came a long way from picking cotton
I bask in the glory of my brothers rising up
And shed a tear for all the ones that's on that molly dust
Ain't tryna preach, just tryna reach, baby, it's all love
My father told me he got 'bout 20 more years with us
Got me thinking how short this life is, we all giving up
And God don't give us luck so get it or just give it up
Words of wisdom I heard in the kitchen, my mama cast
And I ain't Yeezus but damn it, it's dark so I'mma spazz
Old class, I got it from all them legends
I'm in different lane but we parallel like 11
At 3:07 it gets dark but I never lose sight of heaven
The sun don't shine If I ain't rhyming, I'm second
To none confidence of big pun when I'm on the record
And if you know, I'm Hannibal Lecter resurrected
Holy as Hova and this my grail
I spill blood over it knowing that I'll never fail
Tripping on reacts when they catching I ain't male
Can't inhale so you'll never catch this winner holding the L
Eric, it's apparent the squadron is gonna prevail
Jamla the squad bringing hell, yeah
For real

I don't know how to fail
I can't spell it
I only know to keep going and keep them jealous
Stay up, stay up
Confidence swelling
I don't know how to fail
I can't spell it, nigga
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