Lyrics to Never Blink
Never Blink Video:
[feat. J. Stalin, Dubb 20]

This that new shit nigga
Follow my lead bitch

[Verse 1: Jacka]
I prolly smoked alot of hop in my weed befo
And it made a nigga crazy but I'm loungin tho
Niggas hope that they gun stay from round me yo
Call up cause be like "blood need a pound of that dro"
Times is gettin hectic man I'll pay you back later
I caught a case cause ya boy done went to school with a kata
I felt nothin man it's really nuthin
It's been so long since Jacka felt somethin
I keep comin with lines that keep numbin ya face like coke lines
She keep hummin the background, what that sound like?
Shit, I shoulda stayed in school or somethin
But I'm fresh out the county huntin down my runners
You feel me?

[Chorus: x2]
[Jacka:] I, hit the block high
[J. Stalin:] make the song cry
[Jacka:] got the eyes of a snake
[J. Stalin:] never blink never cry
[Jacka:] I, only move weight so I can move one time, I'm a real nigga you can hear it in my rhymes

[Verse 2: J. Stalin]
Today I opend the paper
Seen about [?] of my niggas, 2 got hit with a kata
2 got hit with a nine 1 in critical condition
Plus they found my niggas mama on the shore with that fish
That's why I smoke alot bo in blunt & I
Pull the ski mask down hoppin out the suicides
I'm on a suicide, don't really cae if I die
Cause so many of my niggas done died, & it's like a jungle
Sometimes I wonder how I keep from goin under
Plus these mothafuckas keep, stealing my bundle
But I'm a nutso, from west o you must know
Catch me in a (murana?) with ya baby mama
I'm a baby gorilla got banana clips for the drama
Knock a nigga off than feed him to the piranhas
Gotta be around for when my son come out my baby mama

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Dubb 20]
Man my life ain't no walk in the park
I spent many nights alone, in the cold, lost in the dark
Me & my sister, nothin but death can break us apart
Inside I'm superman ain't nothin breakin this heart
Yeah mama ain't raised no punk, taught me the basics
Never graze shit, whenever it's funk
Taught me to reign shit, take shit, whenever I want
And if a nigga like "whassup? ", then leave him with lumps
That's exactly what I do, follow my mamas rules
Of e, not d, cause that's what my mama use
Fuck it dude I drug abuse, look at me
I'm from the gutter why the fuck should I be happy?
My hair nappy, plus I grew up poor
And I'm still livin broke, what I grow up for?
I wish they never had me shoulda let me go
If you feelin how I'm feelin yo let me know
Might twist up some rope & just let me blow
'Fore I make the beat hot & just let me flow
The dope I chase the hood boys on my face
I'm runnin, stuck & [?], man there's no escape

[Chorus x2]
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