Lyrics to Never Been Wrong (Demo)
Never Been Wrong (Demo) Video:
I spent all my time learning how to defeat
You at your own game, it's embarrassing
I walk around like this is the last strike
I love being right, especially with you

Now I wake up early
I ruffle I lie in wait
All your tragic fiction
I always take the bait

But the margin's gigantic
Am I happy or manic?
Does it make you feel good to blend in with the wall?

Everyone will hear me complain
Everyone will pity my pain

You'll play defense
Evading the nonsense
Does it make you feel good to watch me stumbling in the dark?

You're smoking and laughing
Untethered and carefree
And I will unravel
When no one sees what I see

You walk around like
It's your God given right
And you love being right
You've never been wrong
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