Lyrics to Nervous Games
Nervous Games Video:
I?m Lying Here In My Little Jail It?s Friday Night, The Day Of Many Tales I Look Into The Neon Light Would Give So Much To Be That Fly I Wonder How To Run Away... I Don?t Want To Go Out, No No I Think About How To Stop The Show Nervous Games Are In My Brain Nervous Games Whirl In My Head Playing Round And Round In Me Nervous Games Surrounding Me Somebody Comes And Knocks On my Door He Says That I Have Been Ten Minutes More I Go Around From Wall To Wall I Hear Their Shouts, They Want It All My Ears Are Full Of Melodies I Don?t Want To Go Out, No No It?s Better To Stay Here Alone Nervous Games... And Now I Start To Leave This Jail I Realise That There Is No Escape I Have To Beat This Nerveless I Gather All My Forces I?m Listening To The Noise In Front And That Is What Will Turn Me On... Nervous Games...

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