Lyrics to Nerve
Nerve Video:
Janey rides through the cheating part of town
She got up once then she got let down
Where lies spit up and then they lie back down
She sits up and you come to her with moistened lips
Your face is dry but your fingers drip

You got a lot of nerve coming around here

Janey's momma does pirouettes inside
For a host of brokers who can't believe their eyes
She nails dirt under their fingers with her eyes
They they charge out through the door
And through the night
Baptising what they think is right
And washing down the dirt with all their might

There don't seem to be any room
There don't seem to be a way
That the flowers on the ground
Won't get pushed out of the way

She has lit a junk house fire into the sky
You wanna ask but you really know why
And you think you can live while she dies
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