Lyrics to Neon Bedroom Blues
Neon Bedroom Blues Video:
Night times falling soon to your neighborhood I'll return to you
I crash clear as your window I'm looking through
A curiosity, somehow, invisible to you
I wa wa wa wa wander what happens in your
Neon Bedroom

I spy with my little eyes something beginning with you
Approaching your home [?] my eyes are blurred
The flickering of the tv makes a silhouette of you
A strope, a mistery, I wanted to
Into your neon bedroom

I'm someone younger, I'm someone new
If you must pretend then I'll pretend too
Between your four walls [?]
Still i remain a stranger in your avenue
Still you remain a curiosity i can't help hold on to
In your neon bedroom

On the borderline of youth weaving
Goodbye childhood
Innocence gone for a good
I'll be your one man soon if you teach me how to
Every night walking the [?]
Every night I stop, I watch my own shadow lean
Over your neon bedroom

Over your neon bedroom

Over your neon bedroom
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