Lyrics to Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch Video:
One more chance
to test the neighborhood watch.
Are they really watching me?
Or did they buy
a shiny blue sign
to scare me off?

One more day
to walk down to the park
to study fire ants,
and making noise
with a branch
on a chain link fence.
Its days like these
I tore my jeans
and skinned my knees
and thought the world would end
along with my life,
along with my life.

But I'm only 10,
I can't begin to comprehend
a thing like bated breath
or a 9 to 5,
or a 9 to 5,
or a 9 to 5.

one more night
to ride around this town
i think i own it now
i think i've lived here long enough to own it now.

one last look
before I leave the ground
I'm floating higher now
when i let go,
look out below,
I'll hit the clouds
without a sound
and call them home.

Its nights like this
I used to wish,
my T.V. dish
was not the only one
who saw the stars,
who saw the stars.
But I can't see through
smoke and smog and space debris
so i'll just have to be
patient and calm,
patient and calm,
patient and calm.
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