Neighbor Down The Hall Lyrics

Benji Hughes

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Lyrics to Neighbor Down The Hall
Neighbor Down The Hall Video:
Small apartment, ok side of town
Somebody in my building must be wigging out
Nine complaints in three weeks
The landlord's really coming down on me
He says if he gets just one more call
In the middle of the night about my stereo
I'm gone

It's just a jambox i don't play it that loud
It's hard for me to get what all the fuss is about
If I'm ever rocking out too hard
Why don't you knock on my door?
Isnt' that what neighbors are for?

I don't want to keep you up at all
Sincerely yours, the neighbor down that hall

I am a member of the neighborhood watch
I can't keep track of all the hoodlums I've caught
Late at night I'm out patrolling our street
I work very closely with the local police
If you ever need a hand at all
Why don't you knock on my door?
Isn't that what neighbors are for?

Never hesitate to call
Happy Halloween, from you neighbor down the hall
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