Lyrics to Needing Me
Needing Me Video:
just the other day i saw the sweetest thing
in your eyes they, just hold the neatest glaze
i keep stumbling for my words with you

i think about those times that we had together
everlasting memories that go on forever
wishing i could just have them all back

too fast for me to take
i need to contemplate the times i shared with you
i would do anything
only just to bring a love filled night for two

every time i try, i just lose all hope
i lack the confidence and the will to cope
i wanna stand on a mountaintop of grace

so will you think it over, honestly
you can cry on my shoulder whenever you need
just don't forget, needing me

remember when i told you everything
you were so surprised and happy
now its all over and i just sit here
wondering what will ever be again

i cant believe it, this cant be happening
you were always so perfect for me
now im a loser, rejected loser
with absolutely nothing for me

so take this note home and read it over
and when you are through, you can sleep on it
it might take a while, but im willing
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