Lyrics to Need To Shout
Need To Shout Video:
There's a sword in your side,
You'll ignore until blood shows,
And later on, when it's gone,
When something's wrong,
The violence grows and it's designed,
To spy and try to poke your eyes,
While laying low.

Beneath the seven different reasons for satellites,
Elven different reasons for fists in fights,
There's never been a reason for fists in fights,
But no-one's ever listening.

And don't go dragging your name,
Through the mud and the rain,
When it dries I know some dust that wants to get in your eyes.

Put a stethoscope on,
You'll notice the beat is gone,
All that's left is hesitations from your previous life
Songwriters: BIRD
Publisher: Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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