I heard your voice within my head - I could of sworn that you were dead - And you don't know how real it seems kissing corpses in my dreams - Is this some kind of haunting sign - Is this some kind of state of mind - Is this some sort of second chance - Is this some sort of necromance - Take me where the Fear Cult forms - And take me where the shadows swarm - Take me where I can be free - The place we call "insanity" - Blood stains on the marble floors - And blood stains on the tapestries - There's blood stains on all I own - And blood stains on my memories - Soon I'll say my last goodbye - The final wish before I die - Pushing out away from here - And pushing out my final tear - Soon I'll breath my final breath - And wake up lonely kissing death - Everyone is flesh and bone - And everyone will die alone.....

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