Lyrics to Natural Beauty
Natural Beauty Video:
[Verse 1 - Immortal Technique]

They corrupted the priceless African image of ices
Replaced with a lifeless, anorexic white bitch
The fashion industry got 'em in a funny spot
Self-hatred leaking our their mouth like a money shot
Movie-star Hollywood Babalon fantasy
Bunch of peacock bitches in a cocaine canopy
And if you're healthy they make you think you're a manatee
Look how they invented this eurocentric insanity
Got your brains washed to the point you're bleaching your skin
Blind to the truth, and can't see the beauty within
Cause ain't nothing wrong with excersise and tightening your thighs
But there's something wrong with contacts and lighting your eyes
We goin' backwards from hip hop in the park
To the experiments by doctor Kenneth Clarke
So after the cannabis, I'mma have to handle this
Release the pressure on her and open her like a amethyst


[Verse 2 - Immortal Technique]
The business of beauty isn't a natural model
It's built to be the opposite of the ? that we topple
These magazines got you caught in a hustle
Cause when you starve yourself your body doesn't burn fat, it burn muscles
And men who don't even like women control the business
That's why the women look like men and the men like bitches
I'll break it down as God is my witness
Remember sambo caricatured characteristics
Now who got the collagen under their lipstick?
Implanted Arabic hips, surgical sickness
Of bipolar society that claims to be righteous
Sprayed paint an artifical melanin, tryin' to be like us
Livin' in a pathetic epidemic
Schizofrenics buyin' a syntetic body with credits
You mad that I said it, but you know that I'm right
Find the natural beauty and get you some natural love tonight
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