Narcissa (The end of Narcissism) Lyrics

H. Letham

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Lyrics to Narcissa (The end of Narcissism)
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(End of narcissism)

Conscience, dare not think upon it.
That which makes me so ill..
comprehending non existence..
is daunting for me, to say the least...

Death is the conformation of nothingness...
So tell me how's it feel to learn that, honey, you don't exist?
and we had so much more time than we had planned,
but we made this noose and we'll hang over and over again.
we'll hang over and over again.

This basilica holds more than sins,
the science of egos and the churches of unholy men...
while the universe encircles this flat topped balloon,
if we pried your crust open, do you think all they'd find is you?

Oh, narcissa, step away from the water's edge..
don't you know, that such reflections, can be harmful to your health....

Well, ghosts exist just look to the sky, those lights are long since dead
with all the mirrors hung on your wall, do you think you're one of them?
Assured a throne once all's said and done, you're a deity among men, promises are hardly kept in regards to one's own end.

are you one of them?
are you one of them..?
well, I am not one of them.
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