Lyrics to Narasimha
Narasimha Video:
From a stone He arrived as the Avatar of Lord Vishnu.
With a body of a human and the head of the mighty lion.
Here He comes with the divine purpose to destroy Adharma.

Fearsome, almighty! His eyes glowing like the molten gold.
Razor sharp tongue rattling viciously between His deadly teeth.
He stands with his shiny mane dancing in the wind.

Standing still, overwhelmed!
Gripped by fear, Hiranya seems to be afraid?
With the ghada in hand, he charged towards Narasimha.
Not knowing the fate, which awaits him.

Narasimha battling effortlessly with the insolent Hiranyakashipu.
Twilight falls when they stand at the gates, eyes of Hiranya projects the fear of death.
Narasimha stared into the eyes of ignorance.
Lifting him with his bare hands, placing on his laps, Narasimha proceeds with his Dharma

Piercing with His tongue, blood spurts on His face!
Ripping with His claws, killing with no remorse!
Entrails round His neck, blood trickles down His chest!
In rage He roars, Dharma upheld again!

Jai Narasimha!
I am Narasimha incarnated to establish Dharma!
Killing all the leaders of organized religions, the backbone of society's downfall!
Jnana, that's my weapon, nothing else needed for my destination!
Holy hypocrites, they claim as the middleman of Him and me!
Who are they to show the path? Have they seen the path? Any verification?
Don't be fooled by them. There's no one between Him and me. I am He!
Jai Narasimha!
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