Lyrics to Napoleon Sickness
Napoleon Sickness Video:
I want to do it like Virginia Woolf,
to get away from my Napoleon sickness,
like Elliott Smith crawled to the cross I want to blend into the light.
Set alarm to the atomic bomb and burn every city left until dawn,
because when I get away they'll be nothing left of everything I see.

When I woke up this morning I wanted to see the Copenhagen of my dreams,
those I forgot even though I didn't sleep at all this winter.

Everything's like supposed to be there's ten thousand writers now deceased,
and we fade away like autumn leaves, but don't let me be like them.

Now the train is departing but the world keep spinning around,
I'm sorry to tell you but I think I quit trying now.
Because the world is not what it seems,
the world is not what it used to be.

Napoleon sickness soon I'll explode,
I stutter when you claim that I'm not alone,
“well it's not my fault”,
but I do I do believe it's true
I just can't believe it's you who tells me how to do it.
So tell me how to do it, Napoleon.
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