Lyrics to Nameless
Nameless Video:
You call me a valued citizen, but tell me - how could that be, when I don't fit into your mold; staying apart from conformity. You wouldn't want me as your kid - not wanting me as a son - but please tell me, how is it that i've won your affection, and not to mention, your daughter's heart, as she departs?

I will survive your persecution and your hate, shown through your anger and your threats. I will also revel in your praise - there, as long as I'm not yours.

Shake your fist and tell me to get out of here. When I speak so eloquently, you begin to cheer. Why change your tone once I put on a tie, but when dressed in boots and chains, I'm just another guy who conspires - full of desires - to have her in bed, and to fuck with your head

(Thanks to Chris Mayor for these lyrics)
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