Lyrics to Naked
Naked Video:
Hey, tonight
Okay, I don't mind
Anyway, you're fine
Today, it's alright

You get naked when you're older
You feel scared when you're bolder
You felt stronger when you were younger
Now your hunger's gone and
You don't find it when you see it
You don't mind it when you need it
You can't hide it, come to me
I'll set you free with this love

Stay if it's right
Okay, so you might
But today, just let it slide
Or you'll pay the price of your open mind

Do you miss it when you're riding
Through the night, and are you frightened?
Your bright eyes, so dark
Are hiding the fact that you might need me now
Do you miss it now you're older
Did you kiss her like you told her you would hold her?
Now you know her, as she comes softly

Days and nights
Plays and fights
You've got your wrongs
And you've got your rights
Just stay 'til it's light

Then I can tell you what you're needing
Can't heal your heart 'til it's stopped bleeding
Now the darkness is receding you can see that it's true
That I will hold you 'til the morning, I will scold you with a warning
I will fold you in this dawning sun and bring her back to you

You get naked when you're older
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