Lyrics to Mystery Lizard
Mystery Lizard Video:

The lizard
Has won the election (ooooh)
And we have stepped off
Ohhh, mystery

Mystery, yeah it's a mystery
Mystery, and it's a mystery
Mystery, yeah it's a mystery
And you're never gonna find out what it could be

I don't know
But do I need to know?

We don't realize
How they're takin' over
And the humans
Moppin' floors (oh, yeah)
Everyone was
Wanderin' in the dark
Lookin' for
The open door

Oooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeah

I said the lizards
Are runnin' the show (who's runnin' the show? who's runnin' the show?)
And the humans
Don't know where to go
That's all right
'Cause it's a mystery

It's a mystery
It's not for you or me
Mystery mystery

We are free (free)
From our history (stripped of our history)
We don't know (we don't know)
Where to go (where to go)

Oooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeah
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