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Lyrics to Myspace.freak
Myspace.freak Video:
(feat. Jazze Pha)

[Verse 1:]
Chillen at the crib trying to catch a quick skeet,
Hop on myspace to find a broad to beat.
Heard alot about her so you know i had to see,
Then i found out Bobby Brown and Whitney daughter was a freak.
Now that's whats up but my search continues,
Found a red bone thick just like a pork tenderlion.
She say she done it all and still do,
So i had to get with her.
But the way she look in person aint the way she lookin in her picture.
But its okay because she claim that she is a bobble so im gon play with her mouth until she swollow it.
this web page got this nigga getting plenty face.
Black planet hell naw nigga myspace.

She's A Myspace Freak
a myspace freak
myspace freak
a myspace freak

[Verse 2:]
hold up shawty tell me where do i know you from?
You got a myspace space give up some of that bubble gum.
Myspace your space we all share a myspace.
like a broad hit her up and take her back to my place


[Verse 3:]
Now i dont really know you but youre fine as can be.
you can hop off in my whip if youre a myspace freak.
give me myspace dome give me myspace beat.
and we all skeet on her face that aint on your team.
now i know that it may seem as if its a bad thang but these hoes need dick like coffee need creme.
put that dick off in her spline yep yep make her scream slide that hoe a top one jay neice a ne tee

[Chorus: Til Fade Out]
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