Lyrics to My Worst Day
My Worst Day Video:
I started off sad.
Im sad cuz I miss you.
Im sad cuz im gone
And I've tried moving on
But I left my heart with you

Im tired of the pain
Im tired of the same things
The train station scenes
And the weeks in between
I just feel like I'm changing

I tried letting go
I tried going under
But nothing to show
Cuz im getting straight
Straight As in wasting

I still wear your shoes
I try not to phone you
I drift through your town with my eyes to the ground
And its like I don't know you

Its far and away
This is my worst day.
I'm stoned all the time
And it looks like I'm fine
But it hurts in the worst way

Cuz im getting old
And im getting angry
With nothing to show
And im doing wrong
Wrong here without you
I don't belong.

Oh-h-h. oh-h-h. oh-h-h ,oh-h-h

Cuz im out of faith
And im out of patience
And what can I say
I'm all out of shape
Cuz how ive been bending
My world is bending
My heart is distending
I'm gone
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