Lyrics to My Wish
My Wish Video:
vers 1 lizzy has a villa a ferrari and a pool that's why ev'rybody thinks she was cool lizzy gets ev'rything she wants; her parents buy it all a new t-shirt for her perfect body, she only needs to call monday it's her birthday she'll get a brand new car it's not bought in this country, it's taken from far so this porsche will unfortunately arrive too late at hers now she's fed up with mum and dad and even with the whole world chorus i wish i was blind, when i see all the things we need to live our life i wish i was hard, so that i can drink and drive i wish i was strong, so that i can go on without my tv i wish i'll stay the same cause nobody will be as good as me vers 2 ryan has no house no car and no pool lives under a bridge in a tent got nothing like a tool he has no bed he sleeps on a stone but he got friends he's not alone he has ev'rything he ever wanted but no money good friends to talk to and even a boney that he can fuck at night under his bridge and in his way he is also rich chorus

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