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Lyrics to My Wet Dreams
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I Know I shouldn't think about you, But I do
Cause this morning I woke up wet, Yes I do
You and I doing Bang Bang Bang in the back of your mother's car
For hours we did the same same same again in the other car


I know I shouldn't talk about you, but... I... do
I say Oh my god, he's so fuckable, Yes... I... do
And you said that you love love love my ass, cause it's really big
You soflty kissed my bum bum bum unitl you felt asleep


You say "Oh please come closer, whisper in my ear", and I do
You say "scream my name louder, tell me you love it", and I do
And you moved faster and faster just like a sex machine
and I screamed louder and louder "I LOVE YOUR DICK"

And now, when I look at you, I'm red like a tomato,
I hardly articulate "heloo" and I'm so ashamed
Cause every night every night I see you in my wet dreams
You're just like a porn star and I suck your cock like a whore

I feel like a whore when I see you in my wet dreams (x6)


(Thanks to Marie for these lyrics)
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