Lyrics to My Way Home
My Way Home Video:
(verse a)
when I was six years old
things were just alright
no worries in my head
no problems in my mind

I had all that I wanted
a safe place called home
parents that loved me
a little brother just born

and now I guess I have no time
and it just seems like I've lost my chance
and I know I'll never find my way back, my way home

(verse a)

nothing works out
the way that you plan
and it's hard to find a reason
to take a stand

now I'm alone
no one is here
to show me the way
and take away my fear


I'm stuck in this place
chained to the wall
locked inside these bars
to keep me from growing up
I never had a chance
to break out and be free
and have a chance to be me

my way home
my way home
my way home
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