Lyrics to My Uncle
My Uncle Video:
My uncle used to keep me on my toes, dawg
Straight dagger of life, lessons of literature
Kept my adolescent brain sharp like a sword, dro
I took an air for granted, to be very sure
Arrogance a few stairs, defy a nigga death life
Pshiii, fuck outta here, I'm not impressed
Nowadays I look upon it with respect
Not tryna fit a ? on my neck
Check, lost my faith on the path to enlightenment
That was feelin' confused and feel vexed
I hear the socially awkward's the new sexy
Goddamn, I was born in the wrong decade
My highschool years mighta been less of a headache
Ill, but I try not to let that shit perplex me
If I could travel time, I would cheat the system
Leave my young self a lot of numbers and some wisdom
Like "chill, kid, it's only the beginning, it's a long way to trick"
"Before you finish; and when your innocence starts screaming"
"Just kill it, and lay off the snacks, in yo 20s you gon' feel it"
You'll thank yourself later

Listen to yourself more than you listen to other's opinion
It doesn't mean you don't listen to others
People who are qualified, who know, who been there
Who took risk, who may have failed
All the people who took risk and failed
And took risk and succeeded
But if you know in your heart and in your gut
That's what you wanna do
You have to shut out the other voices
And you have to listen to you!
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