Lyrics to My Team
My Team Video:
[Verse 1: Luke Nastyy]
I'm faded, ooo I'm so motherfucking faded
I wish I was 21 forever
We wasted, ooo we so motherfucking wasted
Can't nobody do this shit better
Okay, my team winning check the stats
I'm feeling like I made it
Popping bottles with my niggas and they feeling like famous
We ride together, we die together and ain't shit gone change it
Especially some fuck niggas who hatin'
We yelling out,
We ain't never ran from a nigga
And we damn sho' ain't bout to pick today to start running
My team getting money, and everybody stunting
We was born in the 90's but we keep that shit a hunnid

[Hook: Luke Nastyy]
I'mma spend nights I can't remember, with people I won't forget
I'mma drink my drink, I'mma smoke my weed
And I'mma live life with no regrets
Just me and my team, my team, my team, my team
My team, my team, my team
Me and my team, my team, my team, my team
My team, my team, my team
Uhh, and if I'm drunk then they drunk
And if I jump then they gone jump
And if I smoke then they gone roll
We just out here chasing that dough
Excuse this loud all in my blunt
Excuse this liquor all in my cup
Around some real niggas I can trust
And they gone make sure that I get home

[Verse 2: B. Surius]
It's Surius ho, what a fuckin' feeling
We didn't do it drug dealing
We didn't do it hitting licks
Following our dreams, got us a million
21 graduated high school, but ain't finish college
I mean that shit just ain't for me
At least I'm being honest
And the ones outside the circle wish they were inside it
But the same niggas are squares, which is ironic
At first I didn't get the picture
But now that I got it
I'mma but all my niggas on
And that's something I promise
Cause at the top, it's just us nigga
And if you hating, you a fuck nigga

[Hook: Luke Nastyy]

[Verse 3: Ceez]
My team cut checks
My team so blessed
Red Cup my clique
Groupies everywhere we step
Now ain't not one fuck nigga, nah that shit to real
One time for my niggas
I'mma motherfuckin' player
We about gettin' this money
Bout gettin' these hoes
My bitch bad as fuck
Ass fat like Amber Rose
My team too official
My team too damn clean
Ain't nobody, ain't nobody, ain't nobody fuckin' with my team

[Verse 4: B Wall]
She wanna kick it with my team
Cause they some real niggas
I wanna kick it with her team
Cause they some bad bitches
She don't fuck with lame niggas
I don't fuck with lame bitches
You don't fuck with lame niggas
I don't fuck with lame bitches
One time for Surius ho
Luke got the weed, so everything's a go, go
Ceez got the brown, so everything's a go, go
These my motherfucking niggas
I'll ride for my niggas
I'll die for my niggas dawg

[Hook: Luke Nastyy]
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