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Lyrics to My Style Is Free
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(Hook) I´m a real live MC my style is free yo Can u feel da vibe then ride with me I´m a real live MC my style is free yo Can u feel da vibe put ya hands up in da sky I´m a real live MC my style is free yo Can u feel da vibe then ride with me I´m a real live MC my style is free yo Can u feel da vibe I devour catz wit freestyle powerpacks at live shows First they doubt my raps but then they try to copy my rhyme-flows But I guard my parts like angels My style´s dope my condition remains stable Roger Rekless turntable technician Plus Raptile Rapstyle transmission Catchin Ruffnecks pissin their pants Listen close Bad Boys the topic remains I drop shit so plain straight from the top of my brain I´m one of the tightest freestee-fighters Burnin´ freebees and biters words breezin´ various Teachin´ peeps in ya ciphers Keep ya feet down to the ground Too many clowns in my town walk and talk like they got sounds that move crowds But no man they just romance with my programms I´m a grown man I blow jams strictly individual Y´all can´t immitate my style (Why not?) Just because I innovate right now I´m ?fresh inside? Ya mix like 94.5 My tounge rips drumkits yes We throw joints live this bombin combination spits some poisonous styles Me and Rekless similar to no-fuckin-body Yes our show rocks ya parties Toprankin´ entertainmen we burn ya highest rooftops Plus ya deepest basements freakin beatz Seven days a week so peep these arrangements Trailblazin´ live show I´ll take y´all high when I roll MC´s die when I flow fightin´ artists Lion-hearted writin´ rhymes stop bitin´ lines I got my iron partners munich city representatives These venomous sentences representin´ this Freeformdesign just recline And become a friend of this true hiphop shit Free like my verse free like my speech Free like my beein´ free like freestee emceein´ Free like my mind when I rhyme live on stage Free like my breathin´ I´m believin´ we be freein´ freedom from all these money-hungry deamons Verse3: U should know knowledge is power And power means respect So if u wanna gain respect U gotta train ya intellect maintain pain in ya raps Let them know ya main aim is not da fame It´s da track Plus da frames you select to express what u thinkin´ Then u ain´t loosin this fight They ain´t ruin ya life cause u´s doin this right Wether it´s new or old school Pay ya dues and serve some soulfood Let them never come close to Cause most dudes just wanna roast u U´s supposed to use ya whole brain capacity And please stop passin´ me like u´s da first and last MC (My name stands for da lyrical manslaughter mastery Sometimes it has to be one blast for free To free da sufferin´mass from da past agonies)

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