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MONSTABLOKKAZ Yeah, Raptile (Chorus) I have Style, and you have no Style it is my Style, and you have no style I lova my style, you love my style My Style is better, you have no style (Verse 1) I have style, the style you don't have I fuck your ass, till you blood from ass You have pain in your ass, I fuck it like I fuck your style, because it is my style so I really could fuck my own style if I want to fuck your Style, monstablockaz And I am the man on the street, wham Pain in the ass, eat what you have eat your shit from ass like most of the other german actors I go to rap my city down till you sleep because I drift it, I live it, monsta my name is raptile, you have no style because I know you love my Style you know I hate your Style so much, monstablockaz (Chorus) I fuck your mother YEAH, I fuck you in your ass this is my class, my bitches got the Nas So I make Feature, I call it RAS Because I hate your Style, and you lick my style. You like to blood, I cut you I fuck you in your ass your ass smells and tastes so good like the ass of your mother which is showing again you have no style your style is my style I show you really style because you got my style, Raptile I come with mister Eko Fresh on the CD so I come along the street you TV I am the man on top, over and under the top fuck with me, and I fuck with you I fuck your Style, my Style is yours Go home, little Sucker, I am the man for sure (Chorus) MONSTABLOKKAZ

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