Lyrics to My Street
My Street Video:
Down on my street in a cafe
A young man is scribbling
Sipping a latte
Smokes his cigarettes down to
the core
Thinks he's Satre
But he can't write a birthday card
Across the street a girl with a smile
Talking on the telephone
Catches his eye
And she's really an alien
You wouldn't know
Dressed in an overcoat
Out incognito
They are only pretending

Down on my street
I'm not what I seem
And you could be anyone
If you know what I mean
Down on my street
They're making it up
Right in front of you
But don't be surprised
'Cause you pretend too

'Round the corner
A couple in a fight
Kept the neighbours up
Making love all night
And a man dressed in a suit
Walks with briefcase and tie
Has a painted left toenail
But don't ask him why
An old lady sits on a bench in the park
In second hand clothing
And ragged old scarf
Though she's really a Duchess
She doesn't care. Look in her bags
There's a million in there
It's a secret that she'll never tell

And I see it all
Here at my window
Watching this street
Like a little TV show
'Cause all that is hidden
Is all that we are
A little eccentric
And slightly bizarre
Let's pretend we're ordinary people
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