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Lyrics to My Starlight Reverie
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facing the constellationshigh above the skyif I could fly alongand sway the milky waywhen venus has it's rowgreat bear and polar starI see them dimming from afarit's so bizarre(pre-chorus)starry skyso come byforgotten traces so nighyour beauty repeals the law of time(chorus)my starlight reveriein my sparkling eyesjust take me through the grand brightmoonlight nightyour eyes can only seewhat your heart truely feels then it's time to turn and fleeinto my starlight reveriesee tails of comets glowingin their outer spherered giantsin their spectral lighttonightthe solar system of orion there appearslightyears away from mother eartha star's birth(pre-chorus)(chorus)(brdige)when all my starlight dreams unitereality will fadeinto the dust of time(chorus)

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