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My song VERSE I: I don?t know why I write this song I just know that I?m crying now Is it just water or is it even a tear? This sheet of paper It?s full of tears They won?t go away Nobody can help me ?cause even I don?t know why I?m crying I?m just askin? myself where the sense is the sense of this awful life I don?t know what?s the reason for my pain And I?m lookin? for for so long Now I really know that I can?t go on CHORUS: I?m so afraid I want ya to kill me ?cause I?m unable to do it by myself If you could see me here see me cryin? I wanna scream! VERSE II: Everyday at the time I stand beside the mirror I see this ugly girl want to kill her She isn?t it worth to live There she?s fading away She?s pressing her lips together cutting her long hair She doesn?t want to be herself I wanna scratch my face Destroy this fuckin? mirror I wanna run away yeah yeah yeah CHORUS BRIDGE: My hearts feeling like a stone I?m lost here Why is this happening? It?s forever changed CHORUS (2x) I?m drenched in my pain?

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