Lyrics to My Pretty
My Pretty Video:
Drink me down so easy I won't go down smooth What am I doing here? So if you have to ask (I have to ask) If you have to (I just have to know) Are you scared? Just say it We'll be there to watch you on your own You can't have it both ways you are She plays for keeps in your back seats So paint your secrets on my ceiling So which is it are you gonna go easy? Or go home with me, go home Justice, just this once I want to see it when it happens Stitch it up and switch it up until you Get called ?my pretty? just like you imagined A moment kissed, a call rehearsed A stolen wish with a twist and unreturned The loving kind is unreplied It's not enough A twenty and a ten gets me out of your hair The sad part of all this is I always meant it all I'm not outgoing, but tonight I'm going out

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