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Lyrics to My Pretty Baby
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Guy told me one time; don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out in thirty seconds flat, if you feel the heat around the corner.”

[Verse 1]
Never again, I promised myself today
not to ever go through what I been and to feel this way
it's all dramatic, it seems for pain I'm an addict
with these tasteless love games in my brain and I can't stand it
damn it (damn), what can I do to escape?
I love her so much and I know soon as she goes (damn I love her), my heart's going to break,
even though she's already gone, truly (she left me) so silly of me for holding on
the pain's so strong and my eyes are so blind, this shit happens all the time cause my heart's too kind
never thinking of myself, it was always you in the front,
and I'm in the end of line left feeling like a punk
so never again yeska on this day, I pray to the Lord to never feel this way,
and to hold me in his heart and protect me from pain cause damn, here we go again

I ain't gon do this no more
My pretty baby, you drive me crazy, and you always bring me down
I ain't gon do this no more
My pretty baby, you were my firme lady, but now you only bring me down

[Verse 2]
(I just don't know what to do) I just don't know what to do, I'm just a sucker for you
you say these things ain't true like they're just out of the blue (like they're just out of the blue)
like, I just made them up (what would I make ‘em up for?), well argue,
well for what? So I can make my own life fucked?
Cause it already sucks, shit it sucks so much
I guess you beat me to the punch you cheated on me first (yeah you did)
So in the end you'll get the worst, so to me now you're burnt
I should've never took you back cause I knew it wouldn't work (caught you)
Once a cheater, guess what? Always a cheater, yup (cheater), so I just don't need her
so from now on that's how I see her, and even though I fiend her
without her I can clearly see the grass is greener
So I know I got to get on without her
cause now in back of my mind, I'm always going to doubt her
and I can remember the day (I can remember the day), I was so happy I found her
but nowadays I don't want to talk or see or even be around her


So why you lying to me for?
I'm not lying to you
See I know you're lying
Why do you think I'm lying?
Why don't you just tell me the truth?
Swear you're not lying
I'm not lying
I'm not
I'm not

[Verse 3]
There's such a disguise (who are you?), in your eyes
even though I gave you the benefit of the doubt I'm not surprised (I'm not surprised)
it was just a matter of time, now I'm, all alone in (now I'm all alone) this world of mine
I bet you're wondering how I knew (how I knew), over the great Devine
if you found somebody else you could have told me yourself,
cause I'm a man and I can take it, you don't have to fake it,
how many times you going to get my heart and re-break it?
it's just a sad situation, the way I'm going down, like the twin towers in the New York invasion,
total devastation, from your creation
you're playing a game with my heart (playing games with me) like I'm a human Playstation,
and if stay with you, pain and misery is what I'm facing (nah I can't take that),
and I just can't do it, so it's time for rearranging (uh-uh),
even though I'm going to miss you, I'm walking away with a smile,
cause this is something I've been wanting to do for a while


Hey Cuete, why you tripping dawg?
Nah they did me dirty boss y'ah mean?
Maybe it wasn't meant to be homie
You know well, maybe you're right dawg
Hey lets in get in the ranfla and go look for some hynas homie, tell him Smiley
You'll be alright fool
I think he's gonna cry!
You're right dawg
You're right
“If you think you're lonely now, ooh yeah wait until tonight girl
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