My Pretty And Her Pendulum Lyrics

The Black And White City

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Lyrics to My Pretty And Her Pendulum
My Pretty And Her Pendulum Video:
I saw the light
That crossed our path
In time these stars will try and lead me back to you
Now pretty baby Im so sorry this has take me so long
Now tell you can see
This is you and me
Now more than ever I need you tonight its killing me

I know its prison, and it takes time to get use to this
And youre always leaving yet you make it sound so smooth
Its really far from truth, when were really far from you
And upon my return well leave at once
Your move

Lets sail away to nowhere
Where I can be your center
Outside this bleeding pressure
Away from all the crowds together
We dont need this audience to breathe
When were together it comes together
Making me

Oh dont believe youre all alone
I promise soon Im coming home
Remember we were once called top secret
Its better just you and me

And now maybe its a little bit better if you keep lying all the time
About everything and anything that you can try to find
To keep me here, to help me clear my mind in time to rescue me
And how I promised to the girl
Its how I promised her the world

I know Ive kept you waiting
(Now we dont need to take this)
My pretty and her pendulum
I know we need escaping
So Ill try and hurry up

Lets keep these pages open
For the new comers to see
How real life lovers are suppose to be
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