Lyrics to My Poerty
My Poerty Video:
back when you were clean, you kissed my cheek
innocent glee, we discovered
the geography of one another's bodies
in the arizonan sun of my front lawn
you'd wait for the bus to carry me here, back home.
and in california i ache
you told me we'd always be this way
you grabbed both of my knees
and looked me sturdy in the face

you were my poetry.
you were my everything.

where did you go?
where have you been?
i gave you a call but received, i received no answer

do you ever think of me?
do i haunt you in your sleep?
but you're stuck in this city unable to breath.

oh how is life?
oh how is love?
did you try to keep her close when she gave you
and she gave you a big shove?

you were my poetry
you were my everything
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