My Overly Emo Song To You Lyrics

I Am Only Your Side Effect

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Lyrics to My Overly Emo Song To You
My Overly Emo Song To You Video:
i'll go out with no regrets even though life is over never could i ever forget i guess i didn't know her please tell me why now you defect once again standing sober i am only your side effect memory of what is now over you never even turned around to see the mess you made and everything we've ever had you've thrown it all away yeah nothing good lasts forever just wish it could've ended better now every time i look around hoping for something good never get anything good everything reminding me of you wonder how things could've ended so bad not too satisfied with what I had saw you passing by the other day you smiled then i smiled then we went our separate ways yeah never thought it would be this hard never thought anything could be so hard now i sit around thinking yeah constantly thinking i'll be fine i just need to get away get you out of my mind wish i could erase you and me but i'm stuck here with these haunting memories

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