Lyrics to My Only Comfort
My Only Comfort Video:
When it feels like you're the only one who has no one
To share this loneliness with
I can't help but to remember where I was at this time last year
To keep the tears from welling up, I shut down and shut up
Wondering why I'm the one who deserves this

Now my only comfort is this bottle
I swear I'll never love again
This broken heart becomes my mental prison
An altered mind becomes my only friend

It was only yesterday I cheated death
Postponed the day until my final breath
As my life flashed before my eyes, I thought at least this love could die
But it's just one more ghost to haunt my dreams at night

This vacant solitude has been my home for so long
It's hard to imagine I was ever anywhere else

I hope death finds you before true love ever does
I hope death finds me before sunrise

I wish I could go back to the moment that made me fall for you
And slam your face against the pavement
So that you can never be beautiful again

With the way I've been living
I can find relief knowing that I'll be dead soon
In case you were wondering, I haven't forgiven you and I'm not doing well

At last I thought someone was finally coming to take my pain away
You'll wish you never did this to me when you see me in your obituary
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