My Next Impersonation Lyrics

Shel Silverstein

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Lyrics to My Next Impersonation
My Next Impersonation Video:
Now for my first impersonation friends,
I would like to do for you
A simple lovin' family man
With a simple attitude
See him loved by friends and neighbors,
See the self-respect he gains
See him warm, see him him change

Now for my next impersonation,
I'd like to do a restless man
Who now holds wine and night-life
In his inexperienced hands
See him jugglin' all the pieces,
As he tries to grab 'em all
See him tempted, see him him fall

But stick around friends cause the best is yet to come
When ya see my impression of a man who's a steady cryin, nail chewin'...chain smokin' bum
Well friends I see you have seen enough...and you're ready to go
So let me hear one rousin' cheer as I...close my show
With a portrait of a wasted fool, who let his world slip by
See him crawl, see him crumble...hear him cry

And for my last him die
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