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Lyrics to My Name Is Not Jonas
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Being me is everything I can be without you
Step the fuck away, there's nothing left to say or do
I am only going to say what I think I should say
If I die then I die happy cos it is my way

All these friends I have had forgotten me before I left
There's nothing here for me, my family think I'm a waste
I get postive remarks about all the things I write
But I'm not happy, will I ever be? Hopefully might

Don't pretend you're my friend
You only know the shell I shed

Please don't go
(I would slash my wrists if I weren't such a coward)
Please don't go
(I would overdose but that's failed me before)
Please don't go
(I am not the label you are happy with)
Please don't go
(Leave me alone, I can't talk all this people shit)

Please forget my name and face

Happy sliding into genres, into stereotypes
Claim individuality but all you fuckers look alike
Go call this overboard, I've had enough of all this fuck
Emo can't save me now, it's time to fuck myself right up

Please forget who I was
Please forget who I am
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