Lyrics to My Little Ho
My Little Ho Video:
(Words and Music by: zack walters)

Ask me how I do it, I don't know
it's a mystery to me, so let it go
every day seems farther and farther so
holidays suck and sunny rays duck
without my little ho

and you say that it's all my fault

who ever wrote the book of love, had better run
cause I'm coming after you, with a loaded gun
regret and pride go side and side like win and won
and eating at Kenny Rogers' Roasters with out you
just ain't as fun

and I realize it's all my fault

it was the wrong time but the right mommy, yea, yea, yea
and damn cupid for being stupid and robbin' me, yea
sometimes I wake up cause I cannot sleep
cause I'm thinking 'bout my little shadow
casting her little shadow on another street

and I realize what's done is done,
and I'm the only one who initiated this fun
but uh, I can't stop to think, cause inside I sink
when I see what I've begun
you know I tied my own noose,
now I'm trying to let it loose
Even though we called a truce,
what we had don't wanna lose
still it wakes me up in the middle of the night
and you're hoping for a reason to leave him without a fight
you say you're boobs have gotten bigger
and your fingers on the trigger
but you're afraid I'll meet a new girl and then I'll dig her
I can't stand this indigestion!!!!!!
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