Lyrics to My Life
My Life Video:
I had pounds of coke, I had money to blow,
I had a felon and chores, I had a fight in the court.
I had a war before, shawty calls before me,
My life, my life.
I got kids to feed, I got niggers to watch,
I need the money, I need to get off the block.
Well, surgeries and the gameless part
My life, my life.
I can cook it and cut it, I can bag it and move it,
I'm controlling the budget, got money to prove it,
Had a fall for the public, all the actors are doing it,
My life, my life.
Now, my name is Birdman, but they call me Buba
And appears that I know that I say that I love her
Get a picture of my balls, bitch, wearing a rubber,
My life, my life.

Let me start and shine, let me bring your flow,
Let me ride without the low, always searching my car.
I just wanna chill, fuck bitches and play,
My life, my life.
Hold cry my world, give that baby and shit,
Gone to the people known they made that shit,
You just don't know what I go through in my life, my life.
I got problems and jags, got problems and vast,
Gotta pigeon our home, got that invest,
Got dolls and house, this cardiacs are vast,
My life, my life.
I got calls and draws with money to make,
I got the crown raw and the white gig
Got bitches and hoes, love platinum gold in my life, my life.

Beautiful baby, what's happening?
This ain't a turn, you heard me?
One of the richest you have fall
I didn't give it all, you heard me?
So running through cuts in hallways
Running through projects, busting hays,
Yeah, that's the thing, nigger turp,
Young and thugging, you heard me?
I know you gonna let me do what I do,
Don't hate me ‘cause I'm beautiful, you heard me?
Yeah, I'm on top now, nigger,
Long living that thug life, you heard me?
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