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Lyrics to My Life Is Mine
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I'm gonna do my best to keep the rules as long as I'm here
Not gonna be the one that rains on parades
Don't want to be above and won't allow myself to be beneath my peers
It's not an attitude it's just a job I've got to do to finish my race

I've got a name
A birth date in time
While I'm in the game
My life is mine

I truly hope that we can build together mutually throughout the years
I'll tell you everything I've learned, you can do the same
But if you need me to be less than I am to support your fears
It's nothing personal but now you're detrimental to the end of my days


The second hand is ticking everybody's walking, bitching birth to the grave
Caught up in a spider web living in a social caste
Justifying doing nothing, milking pity, marching in the victim's parade
Blaming time and place instead of running in a race that is ending fast


Teacher, parent, lover, boss, don't expect me to respect you more than me
I can't afford to bet on anybody but myself
I hope you get me 'cause I'd love to hang around but should I make 93
All there's gonna be is me and if I can help it history will tell


(Thanks to Rafael for these lyrics)
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