Lyrics to My Life Hurts
My Life Hurts Video:
They turned off my life, they turned off the phone
There's shit in the hallway but this is my home
My friends are all tired, my family's a joke
There's something I'm clinging to, but it's not hope
Cause there's no hope

An unfinished plan to escape from this town
A little bump bump and it all comes crashing down
I'm thirty years old and my life is haunted
By ghosts of everything that I ever wanted
This is everything that I never wanted

My hair is falling out
My teeth are fucking caving in
And pretty girls don't talk to me
Cause I'm a nervous little shit
I screwed it up, I fucked it up, I fucked it up, what else is new?

Kick this town and move away
And burn out all my yesterdays
And try to make it through today and turn it into yesterday
Tomorrow I'll still be missing you

And I still can't shake this feeling
And I know that I'll never shake this feeling til I go away
Until I go away
I wanna go
Until I go away
Please make this go away
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