Lyrics to My Last Night
My Last Night Video:
Now i'ts time to remember my dreams, But my head just can't
All the passion is gone, my treasures, and my laughs are ghosts
Right now and I ask to myself
Where are my angels?
Right now all my heroes are crying, like my soul, my heart and my eyes
When they will know that this night i'm gonna die

There's no tomorrow to me
Who's gonna see my sons?
And who's gonna build my dreams?
And who's the one who will go with the wind?
I can't understand, i can't believe
Are you talking about me?
Have I been sleeping?

My soul is broken, and I lay to touch the reality
When the dark turns to bright all the things I used to be
All will go with the wind, I wish I had been a better man
I tried to run everytime and everyday
But the messenger came to me so fast

Everyone of us are selected on a book of death
So come on, don't try to run
Because death comes so fast and day by day
Takes many souls and remember, the time is short

Remember, the time is short
Remember, the time is short
Remember, the time is short
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