Lyrics to My Last Name
My Last Name Video:
i want to see you wear my last name.
and i want to hold your hand as the church bells ring.
and i just want to kiss your lips when you say that "i do."
and i want to spend my life, forever with you.

'cause you're so beautiful, so beautiful.
yeah, and you're good looking too.

i want to hold you as the sun begins to set.
and i love the way you smile when your hair's all a mess.
and i know there's so much more to you than the way that you look.
and darlin, if i were to tell the truth:
it's why i can't get enough.

and i know that you could find somebody else,
whole lot wiser, a lot more money, yeah.
but i know someone that loves you.
and he's sitting right here in front of you.
he sure does like the sound of your name.
and if you ask him, well know that will tell you that he can't stop of you and that all he wanted to say is that you're beautiful.
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