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There's no one I can talk to
cut off as I am, from the real indifferent world
Now, though I am unsure as if I've given up
haven't tried to talk to people
to explain this reversal
but they merely think me mad
So I speak no more, and simply wait for yesterday

My memory slowly escaping
to remember and correlate a precise day
after more than a week of this had passed
was proving to be impossible
It's all too much
with so much of myself gone
all I can do, surely, is submit?

All I can do is wait
and I hope that when I wake a day ago
that it was only a dream
Six months have oscillated past my agony eyes
Physically, I feel nothing, morally I'm empty
How long will this displacement last?

My job was last to go
I could not bear the grotesque paradox of working alone
and over and over
with no-one to notice or give a damn about my condition
Besides, no-one can solve this one
maybe I just won't exist any more
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