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My nigga, C, he from Texas, I'm from TenneseeWe do our thang, with them thangs, makin' currencyHe got the hook up with Columbians and MexicansHe wraps 'em up and ships 'em out, and I supply the endsExcellent profit got us livin' elegantLaundrymat style washes away the evidenceGet on the plane every weekend and visitI would visit his town, and he would visit MemphisTakin' the nigga clubbin', Embassy suites, and freaksUp all night, sippin' Tussin, smokin' SweetsOne weekend, I'm in his town, his cribYou really must trust a nigga to show him where you liveFly scenery, space aged things, and big screenIn the den, shootin' pool puffin' on some good greenIn walked the woman that was C's fianceeHe said daddy loved her, and would marry her one dayHer name was Angela, damn she was fineI admit I had evil thoughts rush in my mindMoscino fittin' tight, she was dressed to killShe winked but I didn't think the hoe was for realChorusWhat am I, supposed to do?When I'm takin' a chance, fuckin' with youMy homeboy's girlfriendNow if someone, found out about usThen someone's, gonna get fucked upMy homeboy's grilfriendThe smell of breakfast, woke me up from my dreamsBacon sizzlin', searchin' for the kitchen like a fiendWhat I, seen, straight took me by surpriseAngela half naked not tryin' to hideShe saw me lookin', but kept cookin'What's up with that?Invitin' me to sit down, and said she'd be right backI poured a glass of O.J. and pulled up a seatAngela came right back, and sat next to meKissed me on my cheek and said(Oh you cute, I don't know what it is, but it's just something about you)With her hand on my leg, she kissed me on my neckI said baby chill, this is too much disrespectIf C walked in, he be a mad mothafuckerAnd ain't no pussy gon' come between brothersLovers, we can't be, cause that's bad business(Ball, you could have all of this, and there won't be no witnesses)All in my lap, on my early mornin' hard dickGrindin' on it, pullin' it, before I knew it, suckin' itEnded up fuckin' itI guess I'm a weak manIt's hard to understand my homeboy's girlfriendChorusMe and C jumped in the Benz and hit the town for a whileI can't believe what just happned, man this shit too wildIf C finds out, he might trip and try to kill meAnd I ain't the type of nigga that's gonna feel guiltyLater on, we was at the pad, kickin' backC had to make a run, to go and serve a packBefore he made it out the driveway goodAngela was all on me, tryin' to suck on my woodOn the pool table, on the floor, man what a whoreI was lookin' out for C, she was beggin' me for moreAn hour later, C walked through the doorUnaware, that I was just in his ladies underwearI flew home the next day still reminiscingNot believin' I just dicked on my homies Mrs.This is a fuckin' trip manI will never understand, my homeboy's girlfriendChorus

Songwriters: PREMRO SMITH / T. JONES
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