Lyrics to My Healing
My Healing Video:
[Verse 1:]
If your body needs healing, God is able today,
You must believe and receive it by faith,
By His stripes, on His word you must stand;
Your healing is in God's hand.

Father I stretch my hands to Thee,
In Thee I trust and I believe.
I'm waiting on You, by faith I shall stand,
My healing is in Your hand.

[Verse 2:]
A mother came to me with fear in her eyes,
She testified cancer had plagued her life.
I said, "mother don't you worry",
"it's in the Master's plan";
"and your healing is in God's hand".


[Verse 3:]
Matters not the sickness or what you're going through,
His healing power is available to you,
All you've got to do is thank Him and praise Him in advance;
Your healing is in His hands.


My healing

My healing is in Your hands.
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